Aquadulza Silk Tie Experience

Como Silk Tie Experience

Live the Como Lake silk experience admiring how a fashion tie is handmade directly by our artisans

"Her Majesty" the silk tie is the fashion accessory that best represents the creativity and craftsmanship of the Como silk district. Try the experience of admiring how it is handmade directly by our artisans and ... discover its origins linked to the Como district!


1) short story and anecdotes about the history of the tie and its link with the Como silk district;
2) demonstration of hand sewing of ties by an expert artisan;
3) practical tutorial on 3 classic tie knots;
4) presentation of the Aquadulza collection (silk fashion accessories strongly linked to Lake Como) with a 15% discount on the purchase;

Important information: it is possible to add exclusive personalisations (embroidered initials) and/or order "made to measure" silk products.

It is not only the beauty of the Lake Como landscapes that makes the city famous all over the world: also the textile district and especially the silk fashion creations are recognized as a source of inspiration by all the most important fashion brands in the world.

You will be able to witness the complete transformation of the product, from a simple fabric to a tie ready to wear. Come and see for yourself with what care and attention to detail an Aquadulza silk tie is hand-sewn and discover the other fashion products of this young brand strongly linked to Lake Como.

Aquadulza is not just a brand... Aquadulza is an Experience!

This is the real AQUADULZA Experience that makes us proud to have roots in the Como silk district

The silk tie experience can be done at our laboratory, at your place (if you are in the Como Lake region)... and even online! Contact us for more information