Orrido and Civera bridge of Nesso

The village of Nesso is located on the eastern shore of the first basin of the Como branch between the villages of Lezzeno and Pognana Lario. Its fame at tourist level is surely due to the Orrido and to the characteristic Civera bridge.

A direct waterfall in Lake Como: the Orrido of Nesso

The Orrido by definition is a precipitous place between the rocks, of which the bottom cannot be seen. Interpreted as an adjective, it indicates something that provokes a sense of horror, repulsion or anguished fear.
At the sight of the Orrido of Nesso directly from the road Lariana these feelings just described are entirely manifested: especially in the spring season with the melting of the snows or after the summer downpours, the flow of water of this waterfall that sinks directly into Lake Como is really breathtaking.

The streams Tuf and Nosè converge just above the village and precipitating for about 200 meters give life to a beautiful waterfall. With the passing of the centuries the power of the water has naturally modeled a path between deep and narrow gorges that can be crossed in part by some daredevils during the summer season. This waterfall that is certainly worth a short stop for all the tourists that every year flock to the eastern shore of the Como branch of the lake, was in the past of vital importance for the development of many manufacturing and service activities for the village of Nesso.
Like Bellagio and many other villages of Lake Como, also the Orrido of Nesso has been appreciated by several men of letters of the Gran Tour and in the case of this waterfall also by Leonardo da Vinci.

The symbol of Nesso: the Civera bridge

The power of the Orrido di Nesso waterfall has not only modelled the rocks below over the centuries, but has also created a real gorge that divides two hamlets of the town of Nesso. For this reason, already in the Romanesque period, a stone bridge was created to allow the passage from the hamlet of Coatesa to Riva di Castello. The name Civera has an uncertain origin but surely to admire it from near you must have a good physical condition: in fact to reach the bridge from the main road you have to go down (and then up again) more than 270 steps!

Nesso Como Lake luxury silk twilly Aquadulza

Who has the privilege to pass with a private boat in front of this beautiful Romanesque bridge, can not resist from taking a picture or enjoy this breathtaking view seen directly from the lake. You can pass under it with small boats, going up for a few tens of meters the narrow gorge and getting to hear the splash of the icy water in free fall. In the summer season, local kids and some more daring tourists indulge in several dives into the lake directly from the bridge.

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